Whether you own a building or a simple house, having a well-landscaped courtyard is not a bad idea. When it comes to outdoor landscaping, you will be offered many options by professional contractors. For instance, you may be required to choose between decks and patios.Most homeowners mistake patios for decks and vice-versa. However, even though patios and decks serve the same purpose, they come with distinct features. Patios refer to the courtyard of a building or a house that doesn’t need surrounding walls. They are often attached to the house but can be detached. Patios can be built from a variety of materials and can take any shape. On the other hand, decks are made of composite or wood. They are not at ground level hence railings are needed. Unlike patios, you must seal and clean decks regularly to prevent mold and rot development.

Building a patio

There are different types of patio flooring which require different tools and materials. The most popular patio floorings include; natural stone flooring, reconstituted stone flooring, brick flooring, clay and concrete flooring and wooden flooring. The tools and equipment required include:

Tape measure Hammer

  1. Chalk line
  2. Level
  3. Garden rake
  4. Hearing protection
  5. Wheelbarrow
  6. Safety glasses
  7. Trowel
  8. Line level

The materials listed below are needed when building a brick or stone patio:

  1. Stone
  2. Brick pavers
  3. Gravel
  4. Packable sand
  5. Landscape fabric
  6. Wooden stakes
  7. 3/4 inch by 10 ft. black iron pipes (you only need three)

Who to hire?

Patios are not as complicated as decks hence you can build one as a DIY project. However, if you need splendid work, you should consider hiring professional outdoor landscapers. A professional landscaper will pay close attention to both your front and back yard hence giving no room for errors. Here are some benefits of hiring a profession lawn care and landscaping company for patio projects:

  • Saves you time – If you have a busy schedule, giving the landscaping project to trusted professionals will save you time. They will ensure that both your back and front yard remain beautiful.
  • The job will look professionally done – Professional landscapers have many years of experience hence they can take the idea and vision in your mind and make it come to life.
  • Have access to a wide variety of materials – Whether you want a concrete, wooden or brick patio, a landscaping company will offer you a wide range of options. In addition, a professional will offer you shape, color and size ideas that will blend in with your house/building.


While hiring a professional to build your patio is a good idea, there are some questions you need to ask him/her before signing the contract:

  1. When will you start and finish?
  2. What time will you start and end a day’s task?
  3. Will you be working every day? Are weekend included?
  4. How long have you been in this business?
  5. Who will be working on the project? Subcontractors or employees?
  6. How much will you charge per square foot?


There are many benefits of hiring a landscaper to build your patio than when doing it as a DIY project. However, you should ensure that the company of your choice has a good reputation and is insured.

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